Like that. But better.

I found this ad from Best Buy on the Internet. I love it because it is a bit like the Netbook hype a few years ago.

Best Buy ad for eeePad Transformer

Everyone loves the tablet concept but one has already a laptop in the bag. And you can’t replace a laptop by a tablet when you need to write a document or make a presentation for the next steering committee.

This kind of hybrid approach is the future of personal computing and will invade all the laptop range at every manufacturer. It will definitely be a hit at the condition that Microsoft succeeds in making a compelling touch experience on Windows. They succeeded in making their own revolution in the mobile space migrating from Windows Mobile 6.x (yuk!) to Windows Phone. Their next challenge is there.

The clock is ticking.


Is the WinKia alliance balanced?

Sorry to put the question bluntly, but is Microsoft taking Nokia’s destinity in hand?

Microsoft is always talking about the ecosystem they want to create around their software, always forgetting to mention ‘and we are at the end of the food chain’. With Microsoft on board, is a Nokia device still a Nokia experience? Is the customer a Nokia customer or a Microsoft customer? 18 months ago my answer would have been a strong yes. Who controls the software controls the user experience.

But today I believe the one who controls the app store controls the User Experience. To sell a device, you need first a nice hardware in terms of design and specs, secondly a nice OS with some wahoo UI features for the user to show off with his device.

What makes you really a long standing customer are the services and applications you can get from the application store. In this respect, Nokia-Microsoft alliance seems more balanced. Ovi services will be integrated into WindowsPhone application store. To keep its customer base Nokia needs to make OVI services experience on WP7 fantastic.

Let’s hope for Nokia that the governance of the application store has been smartly negotiated. If not, it will put Nokia in great danger.

Intel under siege

Intel is suffering a lot of setbacks these days.

During CES 11, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be ported on Arm architecture, hence breaking Intel’s near monopoly on PC for decades.

On the tablet side, they have been overtaken by Nvidia and its very successful dual core Tegra2 chip. No leading Tablet platform is featuring an Intel processor.

Now the main looser of the recent Microsoft and Nokia alliance seems again to be Intel.

  • Intel and Nokia were developing together Meego, a Linux platform for the next generation of mobile computing devices. The future of this platform now seems a bit uncertain as Nokia is betting on Windows Phone 7 as its high-end platform
  • Currently Windows Phone 7 works only with Qualcomm chipsets (QSD8650 family aka Snapdragon), so Nokia will have to work with Qualcomm unless Microsoft ports WP7 on Intel or other chipsets.

The computing industry is getting mobile, and Intel seems to have dramatically missed this change. Having power hungry processor just doesn’t fly anymore.

a WinKia (WindowsPhone7+Nokia) device to be launched next week at MWC?

In May last year I was posting “a Nokia Windows Mobile 7? Stop dreaming!” Apparently, the rumor of a Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia device is back. And this time I think there are reasonable chances that it will happen. What changed between last year and today?

  1. Mr Elop took over Nokia’s reigns and he’s coming from Microsoft
  2. Nokia failed in its Symbian open source strategy
  3. Meego failed to materialize beyond the Nokia N900

So next week will be the moment of truth for Nokia: either they show a compelling User Experience and UI on a Meego (or Symbian?) powered device or a Windows Phone device. I don’t see any alternative if Nokia wants to counter strike in the smartphone segment.

Android powered Toshiba TG01

As some of you may know the Toshiba TG01 is a bit my baby. So I was really delighted by Engadget article mentionning “Oh, and it was under 10mm thick and featured a 4.1-inch WVGA display at a time when such specs were basically science fiction“. Our intend in developping TG01 was to push forward the monolith concept that has been so successful to Apple. I think the TG01 has triggered 2 new trends in mobile:

  • sleek with big display touchscreen devices followed by many manufacturers: HTC, Samsung, etc.
  • processor armrace thanks to its Snapdragon 1GHz processor

It’s good to see that some passionated people are still working on this device to correct its major flaw, its operating system!

As a matter of fact TG01 supports Windows Phone 7 as the first customer of the device has been … Microsoft! Actually Windows Phone 7 has been developped on TG01 platform as it was the only Snapdragon powered device in early 2009. But Microsoft never leaked the ROM even to Toshiba.

TG01 running Windows Phone 7

TG01 running Windows Phone 7

I’m really eager to have an Android powered TG01!