Adapting smartphones to senior users

I took this picture when queuing up for a museum a few days ago. A senior person had added some stockers to his android phone.

The stickers are replica of the button. Apparently this person was struggling in seeing the button as they light up only when one touches them.

Senior customization

Senior customization

Senior people are not comfortable with unapparent features.

Nevertheless, this person in his 70s was using perfectly the device: doing searches on the Internet, checking emails, etc.

Adapting a smartphone to senior people is not just a question of interface. The whole user experience including hardware needs to be adapted. Fujitsu and Doro are struggling hard to seduce this new customer segment. But can it be done with a few stickers ?


The dawn of the Camcorder

Camcorder as a category of product is no exception. It will be swallowed very soon by mobile phone, if it isn’t already done. The better proof is this ad coming from Panasonic:

Mobiles do moments / We do memories

panasonic ad

What a better confession that their days are numbered ? Little big events belong on a big screen but if they are captured by a 41Mpixel camera from a mobile (let’s say the impressive Lumia 1020), who cares ?

It shouldn’t be long before we see mobiles featuring UltraHD cameras (4k x 2k resolution). The same resolution as the one of the best high end TV sets… So long camcorders!

Firefox browser promoting FireFoxOS

I was a bit surprised this morning when I opened my FireFox browser. I had this vibrant animated picture promoting FireFox OS.

firefox home

Mozilla is pushing hard its new mobile OS. But the value proposition, even for people in the business is a bit foggy. An entry level smartphone OS to compete with Android …

We already have S40/Asha which is doing a very good job and of course cheap Android devices. We can now get a 3″ / 1GHz processor Android as cheap as 60€. Let’s the battle begin…

Smartphones to shop in (nearly) real shops

Some friends of mine have just founded a start up building m-commerce solutions. I was wondering what m-commerce could be. A mobile version of an e-commerce website? Something else where the physical interaction may have some place?

Another friend sent me this nice video from Tesco Korea with a great vision of m-commerce:

Even though Tesco is exiting the Japanese market, a smart approach seems to make the difference in Korea.

WebOS, a collateral damage

HP announced a few days ago a “company transformation” designed to refocus on “higher-value, higher-margin growth categories”, “Exploring strategic alternatives for Personal Systems Group; shutting down operations for webOS devices and exploring strategic alternatives for webOS software”.

WebOS devices will be discontinued: the Pre, Pixi and other Veer phones as well as the TouchPad tablet.

HP TouchPad ad

HP TouchPad ad

Focusing now on Software and Services for Enterprises, WebOS devices and WebOS software are collateral damage of HP’s decision to get rid of its PC business. PC and hardware business in general are low margin / high volumes businesses.

HP seems to follow IBM’s path, but what is really puzzling is that HP is the number one PC manufacturer in the world.

Samsung may be the one interested in acquiring webOS. As Google has acquired Motorola, Samsung needs to review its dependency on Android. Samsung has to strengthen its OS proposition and build an integrated approach to compete with Apple and RIM. Bada OS was a good start but not as good as webOS. WebOs a collateral damage for HP and a good opportunity for Samsung?