Is the WinKia alliance balanced?

Sorry to put the question bluntly, but is Microsoft taking Nokia’s destinity in hand?

Microsoft is always talking about the ecosystem they want to create around their software, always forgetting to mention ‘and we are at the end of the food chain’. With Microsoft on board, is a Nokia device still a Nokia experience? Is the customer a Nokia customer or a Microsoft customer? 18 months ago my answer would have been a strong yes. Who controls the software controls the user experience.

But today I believe the one who controls the app store controls the User Experience. To sell a device, you need first a nice hardware in terms of design and specs, secondly a nice OS with some wahoo UI features for the user to show off with his device.

What makes you really a long standing customer are the services and applications you can get from the application store. In this respect, Nokia-Microsoft alliance seems more balanced. Ovi services will be integrated into WindowsPhone application store. To keep its customer base Nokia needs to make OVI services experience on WP7 fantastic.

Let’s hope for Nokia that the governance of the application store has been smartly negotiated. If not, it will put Nokia in great danger.


Nokia great map offensive

After a Q2 warning as top end sales are in turmoil, Nokia is launching a great offensive to promote its device with a clear and straight forward value proposition that no other device manufacturer can offer: free navigation on demand.

French TV Ad

English TV Ad (I love this one)

Nokia surely hasn’t got the coolest touch screen device on the market, but it has some clear strength, like ovi maps.Google maps is nice but you don’t have the turn by turn navigation that makes sat. nav. experience so compelling.

Now with Ovi Maps,  the Finnish guys are flexing their muscles.

Download Mobiles & Butterflies in Ovi Store now

Mobiles and Butterflies application has been approved by Nokia Ovi team so you can now download it from Nokia’s Ovi Store. And it works:

Mobiles and Butterflies on a N95mini

Nokia is providing some guidelines and recommendations on how to advert and market your application. An online tool generates for you several banners for your website like this one:

Ovi ad for mobiles and butterflies

All in all, this is a straight forward experience: the application has been very easy to create, very quickly approved and easy to market thanks to the online tools. With no IT skills you can now tap into the pool of the millions of Nokia devices globally.

This blog in an app on OVI Store

I couldn’t resist the OVI store advertisement: Create your own app in minutes thanks to Ovi app wizard.

> Give it a try

So I just tried out to build an application that will display this blog on Nokia devices.

Porting Mobiles and Butterflies on an Ovi app

This was quite easy as you just have to know the URL of your feeds. Ovi kindly offered me to push some advertisement on my application:

Ovi advertisement program

Ovi advertisement program

I chose of course some pictures for the banners and icons and this is it, my ‘Mobiles and Butterflies’ application is pending Nokia’s approval:

Mobiles and Butterflies pending approval

Mobiles and Butterflies pending approval

I really created this application in a few minutes. It will be available on S40 and S60 devices from the Ovi Store on a Global basis.

Nokia just unleashed the power to create a mobile application to any dummy. Local governments, associations, and people will be able to distribute their information to mobile devices at no cost as long as they have a website supporting RSS.

That’s really a breakthrough innovation.