My Lumia 925

I have the chance to be using a nice Lumia 925 for the last 4 months. It is a really nice device and keeping its promise as regard picture quality and capacity. One can create some stunning effects never seen on a mobile like this motion capture or the deletion or moving objects. It combines at the same time a very good digital camera and powerful software.

Here is a stunning picture:

Created with Nokia Camera


The dawn of the Camcorder

Camcorder as a category of product is no exception. It will be swallowed very soon by mobile phone, if it isn’t already done. The better proof is this ad coming from Panasonic:

Mobiles do moments / We do memories

panasonic ad

What a better confession that their days are numbered ? Little big events belong on a big screen but if they are captured by a 41Mpixel camera from a mobile (let’s say the impressive Lumia 1020), who cares ?

It shouldn’t be long before we see mobiles featuring UltraHD cameras (4k x 2k resolution). The same resolution as the one of the best high end TV sets… So long camcorders!

Firefox browser promoting FireFoxOS

I was a bit surprised this morning when I opened my FireFox browser. I had this vibrant animated picture promoting FireFox OS.

firefox home

Mozilla is pushing hard its new mobile OS. But the value proposition, even for people in the business is a bit foggy. An entry level smartphone OS to compete with Android …

We already have S40/Asha which is doing a very good job and of course cheap Android devices. We can now get a 3″ / 1GHz processor Android as cheap as 60€. Let’s the battle begin…

NFC creeping into our lives

NFC is setting foot in our everday life. First use case seems to be advertisement on each side of the channel. Clear Channel in London is pairing its posters with an NFC chip so one can get more information on the product or service displayed.

Public display with NFC

ClearChannel embedded NFC chip

In Paris, Dacia has launch  a poster campaign with a NFC sticker sending your mobile on their website to discover where the closest store is.

2013-04-13 15.29.34

Dacia poster in Paris

2013-04-13 15.29.53

NFC sticker on the poster

2013-04-13 15.49.33

Landing page of the NFC

  Interestingly, both NFC systems are backed up with a QR code. NFC isn’t a streamline feature yet but I don’t think it will take long before it will replace for good QR Codes. Just look at the latest Lumia phone range. All but one have NFC.

Don’t count Nokia out of the smartphone playground

Nokia has done a very good job lately.

First Nokia is now the dominant player of the Windows Phone segment with a market share of 59% of the Windows Phone segment after just 9 months. HTC and Samsung are left far behind with a market share of 21% and 13% respectively.

> FierceMobile article

The Nokia Windows Phone portfolio is wide starting at a 200€ retail price without subsidy for a Lumia 610. This mid range product, or entry level for a smartphone, is a very good one. Ive tested it for almost one month as my primary device and the user experience is really good. To achieve this price point Nokia has compromised on the Application Processor, a ‘small’ 800MHz.

But the experience is still smooth and great. You just get some disappointment when you cannot use some games or apps like Skype as they cannot run on the device. You get a message in the MarketPlace that this application doesn’t run on your device. This small disappointment is however far better than an application freezing your device. And after all, you know this device isn’t the most costly and powerful.  The device comes with a free sat nav software that you can use off line, Nokia apps on public transports, image processing, etc.

On the other hand, Windows Phone is lagging after the other OS with 2.7% market share of the smartphone market but dynamics are there:

  • Nokia Lumia product range is very good
  • Windows Phone is a very good OS
  • Nokia has achieved in less than a year to be the dominant player in the Windows Phone segment
  • Windows Phone has grown 300%+ in 8 months when Android growth is stalling.

If no other manufacturer competes with Nokia, Nokia will be synonymous of Windows Phone. In that case, Microsoft might have the temptation to buy out Nokia and become an integrated player like its XBOX console business.

Let’s wait for the new Lumia range (featuring WP 8) announcement at the beginning of September. It will give some hints at the future of Nokia and Windows Phone.