Intel under siege

Intel is suffering a lot of setbacks these days.

During CES 11, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be ported on Arm architecture, hence breaking Intel’s near monopoly on PC for decades.

On the tablet side, they have been overtaken by Nvidia and its very successful dual core Tegra2 chip. No leading Tablet platform is featuring an Intel processor.

Now the main looser of the recent Microsoft and Nokia alliance seems again to be Intel.

  • Intel and Nokia were developing together Meego, a Linux platform for the next generation of mobile computing devices. The future of this platform now seems a bit uncertain as Nokia is betting on Windows Phone 7 as its high-end platform
  • Currently Windows Phone 7 works only with Qualcomm chipsets (QSD8650 family aka Snapdragon), so Nokia will have to work with Qualcomm unless Microsoft ports WP7 on Intel or other chipsets.

The computing industry is getting mobile, and Intel seems to have dramatically missed this change. Having power hungry processor just doesn’t fly anymore.


a WinKia (WindowsPhone7+Nokia) device to be launched next week at MWC?

In May last year I was posting “a Nokia Windows Mobile 7? Stop dreaming!” Apparently, the rumor of a Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia device is back. And this time I think there are reasonable chances that it will happen. What changed between last year and today?

  1. Mr Elop took over Nokia’s reigns and he’s coming from Microsoft
  2. Nokia failed in its Symbian open source strategy
  3. Meego failed to materialize beyond the Nokia N900

So next week will be the moment of truth for Nokia: either they show a compelling User Experience and UI on a Meego (or Symbian?) powered device or a Windows Phone device. I don’t see any alternative if Nokia wants to counter strike in the smartphone segment.

2011, the announced tablet mess

2011 will be a total mess for Tablets. It will look like the computer industry before Microsoft standardization int the 80s. Just have a look at this nice slide coming from Intel presentation at Barclays Capital Global Technology Conference :

2011 tablets with Intel Chip

2011 tablets with Intel Chip

Manufacturers will offer Meego, Android and Windows 7 based on an Intel chip, and other will offer Meego, Android on an Arm designed chip. But in some cases the same manufacturer will offer an Arm and an Intel tablet with different OSs at the same time!

Toshiba and Dell will have both an Intel/ W7 and an Arm/Android tablet. Lenovo will have an Intel / W7 and an Intel / android tablet.

What is really missing, is Windows 7 running on an Arm chip. That would be the signal of a real shuffle of the cards in the PC industry. Anyway 2011 is going to be fun!

Meego, a 1st (disappointing) feedback

I just tried to install Meego 1.0 on a netbook, a DELL Inspiron 1210, and it has been a total disaster. I had prepared a bootable USB stick from Ubuntu using UNetbootin.

I just got the 1st screen of Meego offering me to Install / run Meego / start the machine from the hard-disk and then … nothing. I just couldn’t install it or run it.

This is the kind of basics any Linux distribution is now mastering, but apparently not the guys from Intel and Nokia… really disappointing.