Mobile make-up

As you have probably noticed in some previous posts in this blog, I’m always curious of the usage people do with their mobile.

I found someone using a mobile in a pretty strange way. The shiny black screen was switched off and this lady was using it as a mirror to refresh her make-up. I manage to take these pictures discretely :

This gives a feature a product manager has never imagined: a mirror at the back of the device or a software using the front camera to control one’s make-up ! Device available in pink?


What is the value of your Facebook fan base?

Brands are fighting to get the biggest fan base on Facebook, and are investing huge marketing budget to convince consumer to join them. Expected benefits are quite simple : create more intimacy with the core customers And use them as brand ambassadors.
But how much Brands are willing to pay to acquire a Facebook fan? What is the value of a Facebook fan base ?
Here are a few examples :

facebook discount

facebook discount 2

The most admitted order of magnitude for a Facebook fan is around 1€ . A lottery with an iPad prize worth 500€ should bring around 500 fans. So your company 1M Facebook fan base is more or less a 1 M€ asset.

The 4F of the Social Marketing Mix

Every professional in Marketing knows the famous 4P of the Marketing Mix:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

It is usually pictured as:

4P of Marketing

4P of Marketing

I was thinking of Social Networks and how to promote and sell your service. It appeared to me that for Promotion, Social Networks were following the 4F:

  • Family: the core network that you trust the most and the one that has the more impact on your buying decisions
  • Friends: usually recommendations from friends have tenfold more impact than advertisement on your decisions
  • Fans: people you know that are fans of something. Actually putting their name in the balance to recommend a product or a service
  • Followers: the weakest link but it still shows the general level of interest in the product or service
4F of Social Marketing

4F of Social Marketing

When doing some Social Marketing activities, marketers should take into account these 4F and define their strategy accordingly.

Commucating on technology vs. usage

As you probably already know I love looking at posters, especially on the ones for mobile devices or operator services.

I found this one from SAMSUNG in the London Underground this week end. Even though I’m working in the mobile industry I found this poster quite appalling, because basically nobody knows the difference between a standard touch screen and the new ‘world’s first Super AMOLED HD screen‘. (you can breathe now):  This is just ridiculous.



On the other hand this other poster from SAMSUNG for the same device in the same station is a bit better as it communicates on the usage: with this device you get a Video on Demand service to watch, for instance, the Hangover.

Samsung movies

Samsung movies

OK, there is still this fuzzy claim but the value proposition is clear, with this device you’ll be able to watch good quality videos.

Communicating on usage is far more efficient as it empowers every user and it helps them to figure out the usage value of the device. Just have a look at the iPad advert: it only shows someone using the iPad.

iPas advert

iPas advert

Focusing on usage instead of technology is a kind of Copernican revolution for most manufacturers. But it is a revolution that will draw the line between success and failure.

Nokia great map offensive

After a Q2 warning as top end sales are in turmoil, Nokia is launching a great offensive to promote its device with a clear and straight forward value proposition that no other device manufacturer can offer: free navigation on demand.

French TV Ad

English TV Ad (I love this one)

Nokia surely hasn’t got the coolest touch screen device on the market, but it has some clear strength, like ovi maps.Google maps is nice but you don’t have the turn by turn navigation that makes sat. nav. experience so compelling.

Now with Ovi Maps,  the Finnish guys are flexing their muscles.