What makes a great mobile experience

Discussing with some Content Service Providers, some told me that the traffic coming from their apps was now at roughly the same level as their website. And these CSP were just in the biggest in France. So the Internet market in transforming itself into an Internet App market. I don’t think HTML5 will change much the trend. It will help developers in app portability.

I’ve found this interesting chart on visual.ly on how to make a great mobile experience. Nothing rocket science, but a good to-do list for beginners.


The future of telephone booth: Orange view

Orange / France Télécom is trying to give a new life it its telephone booth in an Internet world. Orange is currently testing a brand new category of booth for both calling and surfing in Paris.

Orange new booth in Paris

Orange new booth in Paris

Orange idea is to offer a big 17” touch screen for Internet surfing on top of classic voice usage:

the screen

the screen

The result is pretty impressive and robust: I haven’t spotted any big scratch as this kind of ‘device’ is put under huge strain in public places. I’ve found an interview on the orange website in French with English subtitles. > watch the Orange-innovation.tv video

Pretty interesting when your phone is out of battery or if you are roaming.

Launching Kitchbi.com

I’ve been very busy the last weeks launching a new web service called Kitchbi. Sorry this first beta version is in French but the English and Spanish ones will follow shortly.

Kitchbi LogoThe idea of this service comes from my work last year on a few Tablets / Pad / MID / Slate projects. I identified 2 usage scenarios for these tablets:

  • one is the iPad as we now know it: the perfect device for reading, watching videos, etc. on the move
  • another one is as a family shared device to quickly browse the Internet to fetch a piece of information, look at a recipe or check a calendar.

I chose to focus on this use case to create a new service for the family. The metaphor of the service is the door of your fridge. Mine is decorated of school calendars, vouchers, notes, shopping lists etc.

my fridge door

my fridge door

The idea was to replace this mess by this:

Kitchbi Life style

Kitchbi Life style

And make it visible from the office or on the move.

As I have most of my family living across the Channel, I added a bit of Social Network: you can link Kitchbis to each other to share family blog posts and family-to-family messages.

The project team I gathered had several other very nice features to add, but we preferred to keep it efficient, and simple.

Now is the time of truth and see if the service matches a need and if it takes off. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Download Mobiles & Butterflies in Ovi Store now

Mobiles and Butterflies application has been approved by Nokia Ovi team so you can now download it from Nokia’s Ovi Store. And it works:

Mobiles and Butterflies on a N95mini

Nokia is providing some guidelines and recommendations on how to advert and market your application. An online tool generates for you several banners for your website like this one:

Ovi ad for mobiles and butterflies

All in all, this is a straight forward experience: the application has been very easy to create, very quickly approved and easy to market thanks to the online tools. With no IT skills you can now tap into the pool of the millions of Nokia devices globally.

Trouble shooting an Internet Connection: the Virgin way

I have some trouble with my Internet connection. Some latency issue I believe so, like every body, I shut down and restart my modem and cross fingers it will solve it.
I had a good laugh when I discovered my trouble shooting was nearly an official one. I found a nice sticker on the back of my modem from virgin media.

Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

It reads:

Internet connection Problem? Turn off your computer and Cable modem at the mains and wait for 30 s. Turn the power back on to your cable modem only, wait 30 s then turn the power back on your computer. This action resolves a large number of basic technical problems.

Of course it didn’t work. Why don’t they print a sticker with the technical hotline number? It would be too simple.

PS: If anyone is working for Virgin Media, please help me! 😉