Nokia great map offensive

After a Q2 warning as top end sales are in turmoil, Nokia is launching a great offensive to promote its device with a clear and straight forward value proposition that no other device manufacturer can offer: free navigation on demand.

French TV Ad

English TV Ad (I love this one)

Nokia surely hasn’t got the coolest touch screen device on the market, but it has some clear strength, like ovi maps.Google maps is nice but you don’t have the turn by turn navigation that makes sat. nav. experience so compelling.

Now with Ovi Maps,  the Finnish guys are flexing their muscles.


Please make sat. nav. software smarter!

I was driving in the UK the other day and my PND told me ‘at the roundabout turn right’ which frighten me a bit as you could imagine. Turning right in a UK roundabout equals to suicide as every other car drives on the left hand side. It took me a few minutes to remember the last time I used my PND, I set it in the pedestrian mode. That was the reason why of this frightening ‘at the next roundabout turn right’. I was wondering why the sat nav software hasn’t realized I was driving. As far as I know only a few human can walk / run at 30 miles / hour (48km/h)…

I made a similar experience on the Eurostar when I switched on my smartphone sat nav by accident. The sat. nav. software did all its best to put me on the closest road hence displaying my position on the map on secondary road at 300km/h. See screenshot below.


295km/h on one of France busiest motorway...

As people are using multi modal means of transportation (car, bus, bike, underground, train, etc.) sat. nav. software should have some intelligence in detecting the mean of transportation you are currently using. Or at least they should make a guess. When a pedestrian is walking at 100km/h the system should prompt the user for a change or you are superman, well I’m not.

With even a bit more of thinking, GPS professionals should be able to improve their solution to make them smarter and to dramatically change the user experience. Roll up your sleeves, guys!