The first cokeputer

On our sparetime we have created the first raspberry inside a coke can, aka the Cokeputer.


We have savaged a dozen cans in the process, but the result is quite pretty.


We have added a nice xfce desktop on top.



Digital signage with a matrix syndrome

I’m not Neo in the matrix film from the Cohen brothers but I had a strange feeling of ‘déjà vu’ when I bumped into this big Samsung screen in Paris metro.

Matrix syndrome

Matrix syndrome...

It reads:

Keyboard failure
2,66 Mh Quad-core processor (…)

They should try to make it funnier like some 404 error pages from

404 fun page

Blue pill or red pill? That’s your call.

Spanish iHumour

Spanish humorists are mocking Apple communications in these video and website.

This video is a pitch of a revolutionary device that will be your knwoledge center, called Book.

And this website is all you need to know on iHam, a new kind of silicon valey Ham with a different design.  (Thanks Miguel!)

iHam family of product screenshot

iHam family of product screenshot


Enjoy !

Apps for pets

It is already hard at home, where you have to share your tablet with every member of the family: games and cartoon catch-up TV for the kids, news & recipes for the grown-ups, and Kitchbi for all 😉 .

From now on you will have to share your tablet with your pets too! Cats to be specific.

Friskies has launched Games for Cats : where your favourite cat can enjoy a few games like fishing.

Tablets are definitely a shared screen for the whole family.