The first cokeputer

On our sparetime we have created the first raspberry inside a coke can, aka the Cokeputer.


We have savaged a dozen cans in the process, but the result is quite pretty.


We have added a nice xfce desktop on top.



MetroUI inspiring poster designers

I was really surprised the other day when I bumped into this movie poster at a Paris bus stop. I had the feeling to look at a WindowsPhone home screen with lots of pictures and contacts pinned.


The designer of this movie poster seems to have been influenced by Microsoft Metro UI. Is it conscious or not ? Usually designers are big fan of everything with an Apple touch.

I don’t know if the movie is featuring a lot of Nokia phones, but apparently Microsoft has found a new soft power with its UI.

Binge viewing, a new addiction

Have you ever been stuck to a TV show, watching 4 episodes in a raw? From Game of thrones to Breaking bad more and more people cannot stop at the end of an episode. They watch it from their smartphone, computer, tablet, console, or smartTV

This new addiction is called Binge viewing or Binge watching. It spreads as fire with new SvoD (Subscription VoD) services such as Netflix (US), Watchever (Germany) or CanalPlayInfinity (France).

watcheverThe trend is accentuated by SvoD services releasing a whole season of a show at the same time. You’ve got 12 episodes at your finger tips.

This kind of abnormal behaviour is posing some serious issues to SVoD providers : their infrastructure need to cope with such huge demand, and they need to pay the content owner out of their 9€ p. month flat subscription fee. On the other hand operators face the same problem : they need to pay the bandwidth used for OTT (Over The Top) services from a flat broadband monthly fee.

The introduction of UltraHD will pose more questions as the traffic will grow three to four fold for the same content. The first mass production UHD TV sets will ship this year and there is no content offer on the market except piracy and VoD / SvoD services.

Binge viewing is posing serious threats to Svod providers and operators at the same time. Maybe it is time for message to warn for this addiction. Can you imagine before the 2nd episode of your favorite show a message such as “Binge viewing causes eye disease” or “Binge viewing is creating some real business model issues to your providers”?



I’ve been away from this blog a few months working on new products that are currently on the launch pad. So it will be the subject on my next posts.


The first I wanted to talk about is a tweet wall product with a few unique selling points. When organizing a conference you can display the tweets of the audience and the embedded pictures.

Basically, it will display this :


One can of course send SMS on it or email. And everything can be moderated to avoid some surprise with the usual grump. There is also a special zone where organizer can display special messages for the audience.

The uniqueness of the product is its deployment simplicity. As a dedicated app is available from your SmartTV portal you can display your tweet wall in minutes if not seconds on your screen. If you are using a WiFi smartTV, it becomes really magic as you can move your tweet wall around the room with no technical hurdle.

Once reserved to big corporate events, tweet walls are now available to small event or friend & family events: weddings, birthday parties, etc. At an affodable price.

We want to be the BIC ballpoint pen of the tweet wall : simple, inventive and reliable.

For the last part, we chose Amazon WS infrastructure as it is reliable and will enable to grow at no extra effort.

Ideation to product release took us around six months. 3 more months we were expecting but the result is there at So give it a try, there is a free trial version !

My Lumia 925

I have the chance to be using a nice Lumia 925 for the last 4 months. It is a really nice device and keeping its promise as regard picture quality and capacity. One can create some stunning effects never seen on a mobile like this motion capture or the deletion or moving objects. It combines at the same time a very good digital camera and powerful software.

Here is a stunning picture:

Created with Nokia Camera