Binge viewing, a new addiction

Have you ever been stuck to a TV show, watching 4 episodes in a raw? From Game of thrones to Breaking bad more and more people cannot stop at the end of an episode. They watch it from their smartphone, computer, tablet, console, or smartTV

This new addiction is called Binge viewing or Binge watching. It spreads as fire with new SvoD (Subscription VoD) services such as Netflix (US), Watchever (Germany) or CanalPlayInfinity (France).

watcheverThe trend is accentuated by SvoD services releasing a whole season of a show at the same time. You’ve got 12 episodes at your finger tips.

This kind of abnormal behaviour is posing some serious issues to SVoD providers : their infrastructure need to cope with such huge demand, and they need to pay the content owner out of their 9€ p. month flat subscription fee. On the other hand operators face the same problem : they need to pay the bandwidth used for OTT (Over The Top) services from a flat broadband monthly fee.

The introduction of UltraHD will pose more questions as the traffic will grow three to four fold for the same content. The first mass production UHD TV sets will ship this year and there is no content offer on the market except piracy and VoD / SvoD services.

Binge viewing is posing serious threats to Svod providers and operators at the same time. Maybe it is time for message to warn for this addiction. Can you imagine before the 2nd episode of your favorite show a message such as “Binge viewing causes eye disease” or “Binge viewing is creating some real business model issues to your providers”?



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