I’ve been away from this blog a few months working on new products that are currently on the launch pad. So it will be the subject on my next posts.


The first I wanted to talk about is a tweet wall product with a few unique selling points. When organizing a conference you can display the tweets of the audience and the embedded pictures.

Basically, it will display this :


One can of course send SMS on it or email. And everything can be moderated to avoid some surprise with the usual grump. There is also a special zone where organizer can display special messages for the audience.

The uniqueness of the product is its deployment simplicity. As a dedicated app is available from your SmartTV portal you can display your tweet wall in minutes if not seconds on your screen. If you are using a WiFi smartTV, it becomes really magic as you can move your tweet wall around the room with no technical hurdle.

Once reserved to big corporate events, tweet walls are now available to small event or friend & family events: weddings, birthday parties, etc. At an affodable price.

We want to be the BIC ballpoint pen of the tweet wall : simple, inventive and reliable.

For the last part, we chose Amazon WS infrastructure as it is reliable and will enable to grow at no extra effort.

Ideation to product release took us around six months. 3 more months we were expecting but the result is there at So give it a try, there is a free trial version !


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