Why my company will unsubscribe GoogleApps

At first we thought that Google Apps was a good idea. It provides cool tools to collaborate and can replace Microsoft Office more or less.

But as in every company new people join some people leave. Here is the harsh discovery. When people leave your organisation you expect to keep the documents they have create and the contribution they’ve made, as you would expect from a file server or drive.

But Google Apps isn’t working like this. Google Apps is just a collection of individuals that collaborate not individuals working in an organization. So when they leave all their docs disappear! Unless you’ve been wise enough to ask them to transfer the property of the doc to someone staying.

To put it in a nutshell, we will unsubscribe Google Apps and restore our file server with LbreOffice on every PC. Google Apps ? A false good idea for enterprises.

PS : We haven’t tried Office 365 from Microsoft. But Microsoft is in the enterprise business long enough to avoid this kind of bug.


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