The dawn of the Camcorder

Camcorder as a category of product is no exception. It will be swallowed very soon by mobile phone, if it isn’t already done. The better proof is this ad coming from Panasonic:

Mobiles do moments / We do memories

panasonic ad

What a better confession that their days are numbered ? Little big events belong on a big screen but if they are captured by a 41Mpixel camera from a mobile (let’s say the impressive Lumia 1020), who cares ?

It shouldn’t be long before we see mobiles featuring UltraHD cameras (4k x 2k resolution). The same resolution as the one of the best high end TV sets… So long camcorders!


One thought on “The dawn of the Camcorder

  1. MegaPixels say nothing about a cam quality. Even if Nokia says otherwise. Crappy consumer-level camcorders are doomed, that’s true. But there’s a market for high-quality video, as always. The 41MP Nokia Lumia has the same image quality than a 6 year old 8MP Camera.

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