Ikea commoditizing SmartTVs

Ikea is entering the SmartTV space as it has entered the washing machine market. You buy your piece of furniture from Ikea, why not buy the TV set that goes into the TV furniture?  What is really impressive with Ikea is that their TV are SmartTVs. ikea

On paper, they can easily compare with sets from Samsung, LG, Philips, etc. Without disclosing top secrets, Ikea TV sets are manufactured by TCL (Thomson brand) and they are using Netrange a German service aggregator for their portal.

In a though market, the real threat for manufacturers is this kind of new entrant. Ikea doesn’t care to have only 3/4% margin on TV sets. These TV sets will drive customers into its store where it will be easy to sell them items with a higher margin. Ikea TVs are there for good. Now it’s up to the weakest TV makers to re invent themselves or to disappear.



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