A few things seen at MWC

First of all I was impressed by the presence of Chinese manufacturers : ZTE and Huawei. I also took this funny picture of their stand with the cover page of Bloomberg Businessweek « Yes, the chinese army is spying on you » in the lounge…

 WP_20130225_004 (2)

The other interesting wave is the raise of OpenSource OS based on HTML5 whether FireFoxOS or Tizen. I won’t elaborate on Firefox OS as it has been reported in every blog.

I had the chance to be invited at the Tizen event of the MWC and get my hands on a reference design device. Here are some pictures of the reference design device :

tizen homescreen WP_20130226_029

I was really impressed by the maturity level of the device. Let’s wait for the first mass production mobile.

I believe there is the room in the market for only one OpenOS/HTML5 platform. Tizen has the backing of Samsung and Huawei. Firefox the backing of ZTE, Alcatel. Difficult to tell today which OS will prevail.

Nevertheless, at the moment my preference would go to Tizen as I found the first ZTE FirefoxOS device a bit disappointing.


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