The iPhone, a collateral damage of SIM only offers

Apple iPhone has lost 10% market share last quarter in France. iPhone’s share of the French market fell below 20 per cent. The reason is the success of SIM only offers from all the 4 operators.

With no subsidy an iPhone 4S 16GB at 629€ is very expensive and few people can spend so much in a mobile.

Apple has crushed the competitions the last years because consumers had to pay only 50€ for an iPhone with a contract. At the same time, other smartphones where at 20€ so for 30€ difference people used to go for the Apple iconic device. There was no space for devices between a ZTE competitively priced device pushed by operator at 1€ and an iPhone at 50€.

Now with the iPhone so expensive for SIM only users, there is some room again for 400€ smartphones. Nokia Lumia 800 is at 449€ in France and it should be able to breathe and find some audience.

As SIM Only offers are available on the Internet only, IT retailers are starting to offer credit for the acquisition of a smartphone.

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Instead of getting involved in endless lawsuit with Apple, other smartphone manufacturers should go to the European Commission to have mobile subsidy by operators banned in Europe.

Mobile subsidies are already illegal in Belgium .Banning subsidies would be the best way to confine Apple in the very high segment and get some space for their products. In that case Apple may have the same market share it has in the PC area: around 6% and not its current 20%.


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