Mobile threats

Do you remember these spy movies where the hero smashes any mobile to avoid being located by the bad guys? And the News of the World phone hacking scandal ?

And these journalists in Homs shelled by the Syrian army located by their satellite phone?

As we all carry a mobile phone in our pocket would it be a very simple feature phone or the most advanced smartphone we need to understand the risk of being spied on or hacked. I’ve been advised once to change phone and use a prepaid SIM card when travelling in China for business.

For all these questions, I recommend to have a close look at this website SaferMobile  which give you some very good advices if you are in some insecure location and / or doing some risky business like human rights activist, or journalist.

Here is a video about Geolocation on your Mobile Network

I’ve been a long time skeptical about mobile security but as the mobile is truly a pervasive technology today even the bad guys have learnt to use it. Now you’re warned.


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