Mobile design 2012 trends

Mobile World Congress just closed its doors and there has been no real game changer in mobile design. Mobile design is following tracks that have been established a few years ago:

Screen inflation

Screen are becoming bigger and bigger to a point that one doesn’t know if it’s a smartphone or a tablet like the LG Optimus Vu, or the Galaxy Notes with their 5+ inches screens.

LG optimus vu

Device thickness

Device thickness is decreasing at a slow space it is more and more complicated to pack all the components and antennas in less than 8mm. Each tenth of mm gained is a challenge in terms of engineering and structure strength. Nobodies expect to break one’s device when sitting on it when it’s on the back pocket. The Huawei Ascend broke the record with its 6.68 mm thickness

Screen bezels

Screen Bezels are decreasing so the screen occupies all the front panel of the device with little space wasted.

design trend 2012

What could be next?

I think the screen size inflation has reached its limit and the device maker that will create a new trend will be the one providing a small and thin device, let’s say a bit bigger than a credit card, full touch screen with nearly no frame. A device that could fit in any pocket or card holder.


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