What to expect from Apple iTV?

What can we expect from the coming Apple iTV set coming before this summer according to the persisting rumors.
The secret is well kept and so far nobody knows the screen size, features or price of the TV set.

Apple iTV - TV set concept

But can assume the 5 or 6 areas where Apple will try to offer an outstanding user experience. I believe these areas will be :

  • Gesture or voice based control
  • Seamless and easy integration with other Apple devices to stream content
  • Video call service based on face time
  • Video on Demand and Music through iTunes
  • Browsing
  • Applications based on objective-C
  • And Games

The last one is the tricky one. Will Apple TV set have enough power to run more than casual games? I think so as it will be a key differentiator and one of the justification of the price gap with other brands.


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