Smart TV in the deception zone of the Hype curve

Smart TVs were a big hype 18 months ago and were to replace every internet device in the home and drive millions of consumers away from their favorite TV channels to the magic world of interactivity.

Even though TV manufacturers have had always a very careful speech, some enthusiastic futurologists were predicting a big tsunami that will smash every other way to consume the Internet in the home.

Technology Hype Cycle

Technology Hype Cycle

Since that time, Google have failed to launch its first version of Google TV. The market is still waiting for the first Apple TV set due in June 2012 apparently. Rumors are growing…

The first Content Service Providers are a bit disappointed by the Return On Investment of their TV first services.

I think we are the deception zone of the Hype Curve, but the connected TV is there and there for a long time. It will not replace Tablets or PC but TV connected TV services will find their audience.

The main showstoppers today to the growth Smart TV are

1. Distribution

Shops don’t have internet connectivity to show off properly connected TV services. Sales assistants need to be trained properly

2. Monetization

  • Monetization of Smart TV services are an issue as there is little or no advertising method.
  • There is no payment mean natively integrated in the TV set that would enable a 2 click purchase (1 click and a PIN code confirmation).

The latest figures of smart TVs that have been really connected to the Internet are growing to an impressive 50% from 20% 6 month ago.  For sure connected TV will find their place in our digital lives. It will just take a bit longer than expected.


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