Software price discrepancies between platforms

I was browsing the software department at a computer store and was struck by what I saw : A MS Office license at 200€ ! I just checked on line and the price where just the same. Here is a screenshot of Best Buy UK website:

MS Office on Best Buy UK

In my mind the cost of software, especially the “Office-like” ones were quite common, hence cheaper. I imagined that with all these smartphones, consumers were now expecting software at around 5€ with a maximum of 15€ for essential productivity software. I was wondering where this misperception was coming from so I started to investigate.

Actually when it comes to Macs, Apple is selling its software at a quite reasonable price both on Macs and iPads.

Office software on Mac

Office software on Mac

Android prices are quite similar

Office software on Android

Office software on Android

or :

More office softwares on ANdroid

More office softwares on ANdroid

More surprising, the MS Office suite comes for free on every Windows Phone 7 device

Office on Windows Phone 7

Office on Windows Phone 7

And of course one can use the LibreOffice suite for free on Linux, Mac or Windows7.

So to put it in a nutshell in a table :

Office software price table

Office like software price table

I believe the price of tierA software, like the Office suites, will stabilize around the 50€ mark in the next years. This price drop might accelerate with the launch of Windows 8 and the blurring of the frontier between device categories.


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