W. Europe 3G coverage

Europe has invented the GSM and standardized most of the mobile technologies, but it seems to have lost its leadership. There is only one European phone manufacturer remaining, Nokia and 2 if you consider Sony-Ericsson. There are still 3 infrastructure manufacturers: Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens Networks, and Ericsson.

Many LTE networks have been launched outside Europe, in Asia and in the US. 2G is now pervasive in every part of the world and has reached a plateau. But where stand Western Europe in terms of 3G coverage? I’ve browsed the Web to find a Western Europe 3G coverage but couldn’t find any so I did one myself with data coming from one of the GSM Association website.

I’ve picked the following operator 3G network coverage in the 2100 band :

Country Operator
Belgium Movistar
France Orange
Germany DT
Ireland O2
Italy TIM
Netherlands KPN
Portugal TMN
Spain Vodafone
Switzerland Swisscom

Here is the result which isn’t so bad:

Western Europe 3G coverage

Western Europe 3G coverage (2100)

One must be cautious in reading this map as the data is coming from the operators themselves and they may have different coverage measurement procedures: some may be more optimistic than others. And in some countries, other bands may be in use like the 900MHz to cover lower density area. Given the coverage ‘holes’ in this map, 2G seems to have still a long time ahead as the most spread technology.


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