Wimax dying as a mobile technology

I was wondering in these pages 2 years ago about the future of Wimax as a mobile technology. The coverage and backing of European players was weak and I didn’t see any future for Wimax as a mobile technology.

> Mobile WIMAX beyond the propaganda

I’ve been following the struggles of Clearwire for a few months. Clearwire was the latest strong support Wimax had in the US. It has suffered a few quarters of loss. Clearwire is switching its strategy to embrace LTE to serve “densely populated urban areas of Clearwire’s existing 4G markets, where 4G usage demands are high.” Clearwire will apparently stick to its wholesale strategy and is targeting 10M subscribers in early 2012.

On the other hand, the other wholesale player LightSquared is enjoying a full backing of MNOs in the US and is closing deals after deals.

Given the limited number of Wimax handsets available, I won’t be surprised by Clearwire switching its whole network to LTE by the end of 2012.

The mobile industry will then enjoy a new stability period after the turmoil of Wimax and LTE competition for the 4G dominance.


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