Depressed mobile operator employees

Some of my friends are working at mobile operators, and they all seem depressed. Some of them are still arrogant but depressed 😉

mno employees2

After years of tremendous growth, Mobile operators are at a cross-road. They are under pressure from every side:

  • from regulators on their tariffs,
  • from the states that want to maximize the sale of the new LTE licenses
  • from handset manufacturers / platform vendors on applications and services,
  • from the competition as growth has stalled,

The only adjustment parameter seems to be the headcount. Actually mobile operators have key assets:

  • their customer base
  • their billing
  • the know how to secure a service access

Mobile operators need to accept they cannot compete in the consumer application space because they are too big and too slow. With their assets they can play a key role in our digital life in securing access to our medical records, bank accounts. NFC and M-Health projects are showing the way but many other ideas have to be investigated: checking our ID on-line, etc. The SIM card is the only strong authentication system which every one of us is carrying in his pocket any time.

So mobile operator guys, stop taking pills, a world of opportunities is ahead!


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