The 4F of the Social Marketing Mix

Every professional in Marketing knows the famous 4P of the Marketing Mix:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

It is usually pictured as:

4P of Marketing

4P of Marketing

I was thinking of Social Networks and how to promote and sell your service. It appeared to me that for Promotion, Social Networks were following the 4F:

  • Family: the core network that you trust the most and the one that has the more impact on your buying decisions
  • Friends: usually recommendations from friends have tenfold more impact than advertisement on your decisions
  • Fans: people you know that are fans of something. Actually putting their name in the balance to recommend a product or a service
  • Followers: the weakest link but it still shows the general level of interest in the product or service
4F of Social Marketing

4F of Social Marketing

When doing some Social Marketing activities, marketers should take into account these 4F and define their strategy accordingly.


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