Solving the 1 day battery life problem

Yesterday I forgot to fully charge my smartphone before leaving home and my battery went dead at the end of the day. I’m not a frenetic user but a heavy one using push email, some application, sat nav software, SMS and a few calls of course.

There are only a few ways to improve smartphone battery life.

Increase the energy density in batteries is one solution, but unless there is a disruptive technology coming it won’t be enough to provide 2 days of battery life. Currently the energy density store in a battery is improved by at maximum 5% year on year. At that pace, battery life will reach 2 days in around 15 years.

Improve the energy consumption of the device. Multi core processors consume less as when the power required by the applications is low some of the cores are put in an idle mode. >see previous post

Another approach is to charge the device on the go. Some nice products are available today from the Samsung Blue earth solar phone released in 2009 to the Umeox Apollo, the first solar Android smartphone.

Umeox Appolo Solar Smartphone

Umeox Appolo Solar Smartphone

> Specs of the product

The solar panel doesn’t replace a real charger but it will give your smartphone the little extra boost that will let you finish your day.

Another nice innovation is the What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface: a transparent film put on top of your screen that will charge your device when in the daylight.

> Wysips company website

I can’t wait to have these nice innovations and definitely drop my spare battery.


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