Smartphones triggering assaults

I just bumped into this poster in a bus the other day in Paris.

It says:

“Your mobile phone is a valuable item, So valuable that others would like to get their hands on it too. Please take care when using it in public.

More than half of the assaults occurring in the public transport system and in railway or bus stations involve attempts to steal a mobile phone”

Warning in public transport

Paris Transport Authority Warning on Mobile

Apparently, smartphones are at the source of this crime boom. Showing a 500€ device on a train platform is surely a tempting prey for a bad guy. So be prudent next time you take your mobile out of your pocket on a lonely coach. An Angry Birds game can wait.


One thought on “Smartphones triggering assaults

  1. Sometimes I’m really amazed by the behaviour of people because they do not realize this and they are surprised when someone take their phones !

    Bertrand, thanks for repeating this advice.

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