Why the first Android Honeycomb tablets should fail

I’m one of the happy few that have been able to play with an Android Honeycomb powered tablet. The result is really impressing: the experience is compelling and the devices responsive.

Nevertheless, the first tablets should fail because of Google. Google is imposing high end specs to the early manufacturers:

  • a dual-core ARM  processor, so the NVIDIA Tegra 2 will be the only processor to meet that requirement at launch
  • a 7-inch screen at a 1280×720 resolution

The rumor has been denied, and I believe Google is playing on the words. The fact is, if you want to be in the first wave of manufacturers with an Android 3.0 tablet you have to comply to Google’s requirements.

The trick is here, after the Public Release manufacturers will be able to do whatever they want with the OS. So there is no minimum requirements. But manufacturers not complying will be late compared to the first ones. They will probably have a product ready in September at the earliest.

The first honeycomb tablets should fail because with their high spec they will be in the same price range of the iPad. Personally, as many people I think, at the same price I’d rather buy the original than the copy.


2 thoughts on “Why the first Android Honeycomb tablets should fail

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