Google giving up Open Source?

Android is an open-source project,” Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin told BusinessWeek. “We have not changed our strategy.”

Nevertheless access to Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb is reserved to a few selected manufacturers: Motorola with its Xoom tablet and some others coming soon. But Android 3.0’s public release doesn’t seem to be close.

The rumor goes that Google is blackmailing manufacturers on Android 3.0 to regain control of the platform. To be able to use Android 3.0, manufacturers have to sign a “non-fragmentation agreement” that will stop them to put a UI on top of Android and a manufacturer’s application market. To put it in a nutshell, this will stop manufacturers’ differentiation.

Mars Attacks

Alien to replace the Android robot mascot?

With it repeated statement that Android is still an Open Source platform, Google looks like one of the aliens in the Mars Attacks film. All the aliens are shouting “We come in peace” while shooting at every human they cross. Speech and action have never been so far from each other. Kwak! Kwak! as the aliens say in their language.


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