Beware of the Yuk! effect

I was discussing with friends and colleagues about the “wow! effect” your products & services need to stand out of the competition. You usually need it on a few features to create some uniqueness.

There are different stages when you use your product or service. Their length depends of course of the kind of product. For a mobile device it is usually between the first few seconds (hardware design) and one or two days (usability). Here is an example of a User Experience graph :

user experience example

device user experience example

This kind of graph is really useful when you try to imagine the positioning of your product / service and will be its USPs (Unique Selling Points).

Wow effect is nice, but beware of the Yuk! effect. If one part of the User Experience, even the slightest, is disapointing you’ll get the Yuk! effect. The Yuk! effect will just kill your product whatever Wow features it has got.

Next time you’ll design a product, imagine the Wow features of your product and don’t let the Yuk! prowl into your backyard and waste all your efforts.


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