The mobile & the network are the computer

Remember Sun Microsystem motto a few years ago: “The Network Is The Computer” ? Sun vision is what we call today “the cloud”. They envisionned a network centric computing paradigm where the storage and the processing power was in a remote place connected through a network.

I just read an interview of Satchwell in Mobile Today, a Motoral executive stating that their new Atrix device was a “computer phone” :

“(…) put the ATRIX phone into the docking station and it is connected to a Bluetooth keyboard and a monitor. The phone is the computer.”

The device features a dual core processor and 2 OS: Android for the mobile usage and a Linux for the desktop usage.

I share this vision. The new paradigm for computing in the next 10 years is Mobile + Cloud. A very powerfull terminal like a swiss knife connected through a broadband network to an even more powerfull datacenter. The mobile AND the network are the computer.


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