OS update process compared

A funny comics I found on Stickycomics.com :

Update your computer

Update your computer from Stickycomics

This comics is really true:

  • on Linux, an update means more nice and free applications
  • on Windows, you just start to back up all your data and system
  • on Mac, you prepare your credit card

2 thoughts on “OS update process compared

  1. You do realize all Mac updates are free. Unless they are major updates, (Like as major as Windows Vista to Windows 7, it’s would be Mac OS X Snow Leopard to OS X Lion), then they cost $30 and cant be done without leaving your chair. Windows on the other hand, major updates cost from $100 – $200 and you have to have they ship to your house or you can drive to store, then your have to manually install the OS which can take several hours, to several days. Mac’s take several minutes. Linux on the other hand, it may be free, and open source, it is useless unless your sole purpose for using your computer is using the internet, because that’s basically all you can do. Linux supports almost no software, and almost no hardware, so I see no reason at all to install Linux in the first place on your computer.

    • Hi Nikolas,
      I do not agree with the “Linux supports almost no software and almost no hardware” statement. Just give a try to an Ubuntu or Mint distribution.
      As regards Windows, I believe Microsoft is changing at quick pace. Let’wait Windows8 release.
      Thanks for your comment and your interest in this blog.
      Best regards,

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