Nvidia accelerating its Android penetration

Nvidia has a real edge on Android devices and tablets. Its Tegra2 chip is making a breakthrough with its high performance and low consumption. > Multicore race

How to raise consumer awareness on its chip to generate demand? Nvidia has found the solution.

Nvidia is offering an application on the Android Market to know what the games are which has been optimized for my device and its powerful chip.  > TEGRA ZONE on Android Market

What is really smart is that this app isn’t another market place within the ANdroid Market but a guide that points to the right place within the Android Market. As they put it :

Tegra Zone is not intended to replace the purchase, download, or functionality of the Android Market, but rather to compliment it by providing a selection of premium games that developers believe will offer an exceptional experience for users of Tegra-powered phones and tablets.

This is a really smart approach that will create differentiation and strengthen Nvidia leading position in Android.


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