Corporate WiFi is back

WiFi in enterprise is back. It has long been considered as a convenience that is more comfortable than an Ethernet link. If the WiFi network doesn’t work where you want to connect, just go a few steps away or plug that dawn RJ45. So nobody was really in charge and nobody complained for this comfort feature.

It is dramatically changing with the appearance of tablets within enterprises. Tablets usually don’t have an RJ45, the only ways to connect them are through 3G network or WiFi.

Connecting a tablet on the company campus with 3G will prove a waste of money as mobile operators price their data dearly. The only reasonable way to connect a tablet is with WiFi. But what CIO will realize very soon is that their WiFi networks are poor in both terms of security and coverage.

WiFi networks are usually protected by a WEP key which a software like aircrackNG can break in less than 15 minutes. IT Departments will have to rethink their security so their WiFi networks aren’t the weakest link. (You’re out!)

WiFi the weakest link?

WiFi the weakest link?

The other hard discovery for IT Departments will be the coverage quality. They usually have taken a map of the site, drawn a few circles and positioned the WiFi Access Points at the center of the circles. Hence the Quality of Service of their network is poor as it doesn’t take into account any interferences coming from the outside or from the building structures. CIO will have to re think their WiFi networks in terms of usage, application, device and Quality of Service.

The wakeup call might come from the CEO’s office, where the unboxed new tablet won’t be able to connect.


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