Confusion around 4G

US operators created some confusion around the 4G labelling. Verizon is the first to launch a LTE network in the US and cut deals with many manufacturers to get a strong LTE device portfolio (Acer, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.).

AT&T just couldn’t watch the train leaving the station without beeing on board, so they rebranded their HSPA service as 4G.

I’m a bit picky on this but when you look at the ITU website the only 4G technologies are WiMax and LTE. See ITU press release.

What starts to be confusing is that the chairman of the ITU is from … guess what … AT&T!

Stephen Blust, Director of Radio Standards, AT&T, and Chairman of the ITU-R Working Party 5D, also expressed his thanks to all the contributors in industry, government and ITU who have made the IMT-Advanced process successful.

I would suggest that the guys at AT&T marketing and AT&T radio departments have a drink together at their next kick-off meeting.


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