Are Tablets a temporary fad?

Some analysts (I won’t give names), believe that Tablets are like netbooks a temporary fad. They will rise quickly and fall at the same pace.

I don’t think tablets and netbooks are comparable:

  • Netbooks didn’t create any new usage, the promise has been a low cost laptop with the laptop usages. This is not the case with Tablets, they are creating new usages like magazine & book reading or like kitchbi.
  • Netbooks with a heavy OS like Windows users have quite disapointed and Linux didn”t raise any attention. Tablets with their fit smartphone OS are light and responsive. Customer are used to this kind of experience.

The real question is will 3G Tablet go beyond a niche market? I have some doubts here beacause most consumers cannot pay an extra 20€ per month and usages on the move are already covered by smartphones. Furthermore, people already a phone and computer in their bag. Do they have some space left in their bag for a 3rd device? I doubt it. To grab some market share the Tablet will have to take it from the laptop.


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