Some samples of the future of personnal computing

Mobile and Computing are colliding. I’m strongly convinced that our computing world will change dramatically in the next 5 years. There will be enough computing power in a mobile to run a PC and its main applications (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.). So you’ll just need a docking station to plug your mobile and transform it into a PC, a Media Player, a Navigation Device, etc. depending on where you are and what you need at this very moment.

Some very interesting products have been disclosed at CES. I think these products are showing the future of Personnal Computing:


Motorola Atrix and Laptop companion

With the Motorola Atrix your mobile is plugged into a companion device that transforms it into a real laptop with PC experience Web browsing thanks to Firefox.

Asus eeepad

Asus eeepad

Asus approach is a very interesting too. I believe that the Tablet segment will collide with the laptop segment to the point they will merge. Your PC will be a tablet when on the go when you have no intention to work. Just slide the keyboard and you are ready for a busy day.

With these pictures, one understands a bit better what’s behind Windows 8 Arm move.


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