Windows on Arm: 2012 revolution

Ballmer’s announcement that Windows 8 will support Arm processor was, from my point of view, the biggest news at CES 2011.

Windows 8 will be compatible with ARM-based systems from Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments. You can now imagine to have a Windows / Tegra2 tablet or a Windows / Snapdragon smartbook.This is a great advance for these chip manufacturers and a setback for Intel. The old Wintel couple seems to split away, with Intel working with Nokia on Meego, their common linux platform.

The 2012 chipset battleground will look quite different:

chip map

Chip makers battleground

As the OS battleground will look different too, whith windows and chrome OS ready for the fight :

OS Map

OS battleground in 2012

Frontiers are blurring, with a main reason: the future of PC lies both in always-connected and tablet.


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