Why RIM should not be considered out

RIM posted the shipments of its Blackberry devices last week. Shipments are growing 40 per cent year on year to 14.2 million devices.

Some people tend to consider that RIM is out or will be out of the market because it has not a strong proposition in the mainstream monolith formfactor and touch interfaces.

RIM souldn’t be considered out because it has strong fundamentals:

  • operators love BB devices because they are not data thirsty in a scarce bandwidth environment.
  • BB are very strong on the QWERTY formfactor
  • BB has a strong value proposition for business and consumers alike with mail and free IM
  • RIM has invested a lot in advertising building up its BB brand

Surely RIM hasn’t the Android growth, but BlackBerry is still a verystrong and attractive platform.


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