2011, the announced tablet mess

2011 will be a total mess for Tablets. It will look like the computer industry before Microsoft standardization int the 80s. Just have a look at this nice slide coming from Intel presentation at Barclays Capital Global Technology Conference :

2011 tablets with Intel Chip

2011 tablets with Intel Chip

Manufacturers will offer Meego, Android and Windows 7 based on an Intel chip, and other will offer Meego, Android on an Arm designed chip. But in some cases the same manufacturer will offer an Arm and an Intel tablet with different OSs at the same time!

Toshiba and Dell will have both an Intel/ W7 and an Arm/Android tablet. Lenovo will have an Intel / W7 and an Intel / android tablet.

What is really missing, is Windows 7 running on an Arm chip. That would be the signal of a real shuffle of the cards in the PC industry. Anyway 2011 is going to be fun!


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