2011: the multi core race

2007 /2008 has seen every manufacturer competing on the memory embedded into their devices. It was a time where the more memory had a device the better. MicroSD and Qualcomm Snapdragon put an end to it: 2009 /2010 has seen the GHz race. If your device chip wasn’t beating above 1GHz it was just a piece of plastic junk.

The new trend for 2011 is multicore. Nvidia is evangelizing the whole industry about the beauty and benefits of multicore technology with straitforward graphs like these:

Multicore benefits

Multicore benefits

and the more cores you get, the less your chip consumes power:

multicore power consumption

multicore power consumption

This is the trend for 2011, watch out for CES ans MWC, as every chipmaker and device manufacturer will announce dual and quad core mobile devices. Until the next trendy feature: 3D screen?


3 thoughts on “2011: the multi core race

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