Android powered Toshiba TG01

As some of you may know the Toshiba TG01 is a bit my baby. So I was really delighted by Engadget article mentionning “Oh, and it was under 10mm thick and featured a 4.1-inch WVGA display at a time when such specs were basically science fiction“. Our intend in developping TG01 was to push forward the monolith concept that has been so successful to Apple. I think the TG01 has triggered 2 new trends in mobile:

  • sleek with big display touchscreen devices followed by many manufacturers: HTC, Samsung, etc.
  • processor armrace thanks to its Snapdragon 1GHz processor

It’s good to see that some passionated people are still working on this device to correct its major flaw, its operating system!

As a matter of fact TG01 supports Windows Phone 7 as the first customer of the device has been … Microsoft! Actually Windows Phone 7 has been developped on TG01 platform as it was the only Snapdragon powered device in early 2009. But Microsoft never leaked the ROM even to Toshiba.

TG01 running Windows Phone 7

TG01 running Windows Phone 7

I’m really eager to have an Android powered TG01!


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