Mobile device is a fashion industry

People usually think that the mobile industry is a technology industry. Actually it isn’t. It is a fashion industry.

Mobile devices have a fashion life cycle: What ever the specifications of the device it will last a fall-winter or spring-summer collection. I remember a selection process of devices with an operator, a famous one, where we discussed design 55mn out of  1 hour. The last 5mn where about the products specifications. And frankly nobody cared.

A device featuring the latest processor and camera will not sale in 1 year from now or at such a discount it will damage the product image.

Nevertheless technology counts because the technology in the device will drive the services and applications consumers will be able to use in the next 18 months thus driving the operators revenue.

As in fashion, everybody is copying the leaders. That’s the reason why we enjoy so many slate / monolith formfactor to the point it gets really boring.

As in fashion, a few teams are most propably finalizing their new formfactor that will change the next collections of mobile devices…


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