2011: the Tablet wars

Next year will see the Tablet wars. Every manufacturer or OS vendor is preparing its Tablet for 2011. Apple, Dell, Archos, Toshiba, Samsung have launched their first device and are working on the next. LG, RIM, HP, … are polishing their “iPad killer”.

There are 2 main battlefields as of today:

  • the 5-9 inches with embedded 3G
  • the 9+ inches

As the fight will rage next year some small and smart competitors will start to search for niche markets. The most probable niches to surface will be:

  • tablet embedded into a sound system
  • tablet embedded into a fixed phone

Here are two pictures to foster your imagination:

pure soundsystem

Pure Sensia


OpenPeak ProFrame

What will be the OS ? I think Android has some very serious chances as it is free, well known, has a lot of apps, and manufacturers can find a lot of technical ressources.I won’t bet on Windows, whatever flavour, as manufacturers will most probably prefer to keep their margin than giving # $20 to Microsoft.


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