Apple pushing its integrated model one step forward with SIM Cards?

Apple and Gemalto are said to be working on a SIM card that will enable Apple to sell its subscription bypassing operators.This SIM card will be able to connect to any network in any country. The SIM card will reconfigure itself according to the local settings.

Apple would buy at a wholesale price data and communications and resell it to its customers. The role of the operators would be to provide a network to Apple. Operators won’t have any longer a direct relationship with the customers.

The losers will be the operators and … Gemalto. You can imagine that operators will make Gemalto pay a high price for this treachery.If you have any Gemalto stocks, sell quickly!

Apple will find always an operator to sell them connectivity in every market. What is sure, is that operators will put a lot of money on the table to promote their own Open OS or at least less threatening Open OS lilke Symbian, Android or Windows Phone…





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