Android and the Entreprise

Everybody agrees that Android is gaining market share and is becoming a massive platform in the consumer market. If you still have some doubts go to the nearest phone shop and count the number of Android powered devices in their catalog.

Beyond consumer market Android will gain market share in the entreprise market in coming months for a few good reasons.

CIO and IT managers are upset by Miscrosoft

IT managers who have developped their business application on Windows Mobile cannot use the latest Windows Phone platform: they need to port their apps to the new platform. Even though there is no application side loading, so it gets tricky to install home made application on its device fleet.

Android device come at every price point

IT managers can find devices at every price point from entry level at 80€ to high end.So they can find a device for every employee from the operation fields to the executive board.

Android developper base is huge

IT managers can find quite easily people with some java skills and transfer them on Android projects.

Android is open

You start to find entreprise applications for android like Sparus for Device Management, Good for push email, etc. IT managers can side load their business applications from an SD card or push over the air without Google’s approval.

For all these reasons the future of Android in the entreprise space looks bright.



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