Android, the (risky) road to recovery for Sony-Ericsson & Motorola

Handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson has reported its third consecutive profitable quarter. Sony-Ericsson is now shipping 50% of smartphones out of 10M devices / quarter.


With its recent decision to stop its Symbian range, Sony-Ericsson is now fully dependent on Android. Like Motorola it has only a few ways to differentiate from competition:

  • Hardware design
  • User Interface
  • 3rd party applications

Chinese manufacturers are learning fast and these differentiating points may not be enough in the mid term.

Using only one OpenOS platform, i.e. Android, is dangerous, as Sony-Ericsson and Motorola don’t control their future, Google does. LG approach is, I think, wiser as it is based on Windows Phone and Android. Samsung launch of Bada is the best strategy in the long term but only Top3 manufacturers can develop, maintain and nurture their own OpenOS.

Betting on only one platform is a risky choice, but a necessary one until full recovery.  Let’s just hope this only one platform strategy is a temporary one.


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