Nokia’s Symbian open source strategy has failed

Samsung and Sony-Ericsson announced that they will no longer release Symbian powered devices. This defection let Nokia alone still supporting Symbian globally and some smaller manufacturers like Fujitsu in Japan.

It’s a bit disappointing beacause the Symbian foundation has done a lot to improve its attractiveness but this is apparently not enough. Samsung is currently supporting Windows Mobile, Android and its own Open OS Bada. Samsung has apparently learnt from Motorola which was supporting 5 years ago 5 openOS and just didn’t know where to focus its efforts.

The Symbian foundation seems a bit odd as it has one main user. Nokia’s bet to change Symbian into a free and open source platform seems to have failed as the goal was to compete with Android. Symbian hasn’t emerged as a rallying Open OS for the industry. Android did.

Symbian needs to improve its user experience quickly with Symbian ^4 in order to stay in the race.

Is the Symbian Foundation the best vehicle for that? Would it be simpler for Nokia to integrate Symbian as an in-house OS? The future will tell.


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