3D mania at IFA

I’ve been at the IFA show in Berlin last week. 3D was on every manufacturer booth. But the tricky thing was that you were nearly watching the same programms on every stand: a bit of sport (Rolland-Garros, Football World Cup opening show, Tour de France), a few animated pictures and one film (Avatar) and some games.

3D contents haven’t landed yet: there is no channel in 3D in any country (except for demo purposes), there are only a few contents ready.

Beyond content, the other issue with 3D is you still need to wear glasses. The few demos of 3D TV  that don’t require glasses weren’t convincing at all (Phillips). So you won’t be able to consume TV the way you are doing it today: with a laptop on your laps, with a magazine at hand, or twitting on your smartphone. 3D is an absorbing experience that won’t let you do something else on your couch. Hence the best contents for 3D seem to be blockbusters and definitely games. On a FPS game, 3D enhances the captivating experience, you cannot do anything else but play.

I believe there will be some deception with 3D in the near future with a content production chain which is far from being ready. People will just watch 2D programs on their nice 3D capable TV set. The safe route for 3D will be blockbusters and games until the release of nice 3D screens that don’t require glasses. Maybe next year?


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